Why WECAREBEST Products?

    How WECAREBEST Products can be used differently, and good sanitizing practices during COVID-19

    Hand sanitizer is without a doubt our best companion with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. To meet the rising demand, the variety of sanitizer options has increased exponentially. With clean hands being one of your greatest defenses, it’s important to make sure the disinfectant you choose is powerful and effective. Here is what to consider when choosing the best hand sanitizer for you:


    Gel vs. Liquid: is there a difference?

    Hand sanitizers can come in both gel and liquid solutions. Scientifically speaking both are equally as effective as long as you thoroughly cover the surface of your hands, massage between your fingers, and under your nails. The most important element of a good hand sanitizer is, of course, the alcohol content.


    The CDC recommends a 60%~90% ethanol content or greater in all alcohol-based hand rubs, also known as ABHRs.


    Studies on gel vs. liquid hand sanitizers have noted that liquid disinfectant can be faster acting, at a rate of <15 seconds, whereas gel sanitizers require up to 30 seconds to eliminate viral or bacterial content. Gel may also be slower to dry. It has been recorded that liquid hand sanitizers may leave less residue on the skin, but this is of course product dependent as manufacturers may develop sanitizers with differing formulations and additional ingredients, affecting the products’ texture and consistency. Some users have found gel easier to dispense and handle than liquid sanitizers.


    Uses for gel vs. liquid disinfectant


    Gel hand sanitizer is an excellent option for keeping your hands clean throughout your day. Easy to dispense and keep at hand, in your car, purse, or even around your home. Liquid hand sanitizer is best used if dispensed out of a spray bottle and can be great to keep in your car or home to disinfect not only your hands, but your phone, keys, steering wheel, and door handles, among other surfaces that may become cross-contaminated through contact. 

    The We Care Best  Difference

    At We Care Best, we want you to trust that your hand sanitiser will get the job done which is why we offer CDC and World Health Organization (WHO) compliant formulations. Though no sanitiser or antibacterial product can fully ensure you will not contract a virus or other illness, it is a powerful preventative measure. Especially when used consistently, throughout the day, and whenever you come in contact with potentially contaminated surfaces.

    We understand that your skin is sensitive, which is why we infuse our hand sanitiser with essential oils like lemon and lavender, as well as the healing and hydrating elements of aloe vera. Hand sanitisers shouldn’t result in dry or irritated skin in order to be effective. Seeing that it is imperative to use hand sanitizer throughout your day, we made sure to include natural elements that would help rebalance your skin, keeping it moisturized and protecting it from harm, while also keeping you healthy and safe.



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