Why "We Care LLC"?

    We Care Story

    On Jan14th, 2011, We Care, LLC Founder Amanda lost her close family during a medical accident, unfortunately. 

    With time passed, the tremendous grief turned into a strong will to take better care of people. Though she could not stop her families leaving her from accident or disease when she was young. She always feels like delivering something more to take better care of her family, friends, and communities. Whenever she thinks back, she always thinks about whether she do better to protect her families. In her deep mind, she would like to care about the needs of people if there is any chance.
    In Feb 2020, when some of her families were lacking enough high-quality PPE  during their work, What's more, she supervised finding lots of cleaning works even doctors who were treated like trash by wearing some ridiculous trashbags in the hospital during COVID-19.

    She felt so bad and immediately she decided to help those people in need with her years of Global supply chain experience.
    With her and her team's hard work, we care LLC donated advanced10,000 KN95 Mask to a local hospital in April 2020.
    We Care, LLC provided 15,000 Masks and hand sanitizers to local residents who in need.

    With a common goal and mission, she is so proud to invite Dr. Care (a Professional Development team member) who graduated from Johns Hopkins University to join We Care, LLC.

    Dr. Care leads his team both in Asia and N&S America to develop advanced WeCareBest products approved by the FDA. For the sake of it, she has faith that she and her team would try their best to take the best care of people and prevent any potential tragedy (which happened to her before) from happening again.

    The endless grief with powerful willing to provide better care inspires Amanda and her team to establish the "We Care LLC" whose mission is to offer advanced medical/home/personal healthcare supplies for those who need better care and keep those we love away from viruses or any potential danger.

    We care best because we care most!

    During the early stage of COVID-19,  We Care LLC donated 10,000 KN95 Mask to a local hospital in April 2020, However, it still not enough.

    We Care, LLC provided 15,000 Masks and hand sanitizers to local residents from March to Aug 2020.

    In Aug and Sep, 2020, We Care research team is developing advanced organic cleaning for families and especially for kids ...




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